South Australia's New Planning System – Video transcript

We're delivering a new planning system for South Australia.

This is important because planning affects all of us.

It's about managing development of our cities, towns and rural areas.

Architects, planners, builders and developers are all working together with communities to make our state better.

To allow us to grow and make sure that this will always be a great place to live.

This brief tour shows key elements of our planning system.

New development guidelines will have a focus on design.

Design that not only looks good and sits well within its context, but also works well, is energy efficient, sustainable and safe, and which improves
connections between private land and public spaces.

Planning goes beyond what buildings look like.

It's about connecting people to work and play; supporting new technology; new ways of working in an evolving economy; creating better communal places where we meet and play, including our local streets.

Good design covers all these things.

Planning is about people and how we live.

We're putting people and communities at the centre of planning policy making.

There'll be opportunity for more involvement and information up front for you to have input into how you want to shape your local community.

Where we live is about more than our homes and neighborhoods, it's about our whole state.

We need to protect our environment, natural resources and important agricultural areas for people to visit, live and do business on the land.

The new planning system will limit unrestricted development in these special places and ensure their existence for future generations to enjoy.

The new planning system will be easier to understand.

Instead of 72 development plans there will be a single Planning and Design Code, one clear set of guidelines that applies across the state.

The Code will contain consistent and clear direction about what you can and can't do and guide good quality development across our diverse regions.

We're also changing the way planning applications will be assessed.

There'll be more consistent processes with more time and energy put into larger more complicated developments.

For homeowners this means renovations to their properties will be easier.

Simpler additions like backyard sheds won't need planning approval, while other normal improvements like carports or verandas will be assessed and approved faster.

This leaves more time for planners and communities to consider more complex proposals that require input from neighbours.

Who makes planning decisions is changing too.

There'll be more know-how, with experienced professionals making the right decisions about applications using their qualifications and industry knowledge to ensure developments benefit people and business.

You'll be able to choose the qualified professional you want to work with, and for bigger projects panels of experts with a range of expertise will assess development for best results.

It's important we think beyond housing, about the essential things we depend on, like clean water and reliable energy and transport.

We need to plan infrastructure so we have safe, affordable places with the best services and spaces for communities to meet, walk, play sport and live healthy lives.

Our new system will ensure the cost of delivering these services will be fairer and shared more equitably.

Planning should be simple for everyone to understand and use, with easy online access from early stages when you need planning information, to when you're ready to submit your application.

Our new electronic planning system will simplify and speed up processes, saving time and money.

If you don't use a computer you can still submit an application on paper to your local council who'll enter it into our system for you, and give you good planning advice.

And if you want to know what development is occurring in your area there'll be new ways to compare information about planning activity, including maps and data from a central point.

The SA planning portal, everyone will be able to access facts and figures about the whole planning system to see what's happening across the state,
in your country region, council area or local suburb.

It's at the heart of how we live, work and grow.

It's how we're making one of the most liveable places in the world even better. To learn more visit the SA planning portal today.

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