The Planning and Design Code and the State Planning Reform – Video transcript

What comes to mind when you think about planning?

Planning might not sound all that exciting but let's remember what happens when you don't plan properly.

The plans we're creating and approving are laying the literal foundations of the communities that your kids and their kids will inherit and enjoy.

We're building a more livable and sustainable South Australia.

To support this, the South Australian Government is undertaking a once-in-a-generation transformation of how we plan in South Australia.

This is a big deal.

A really big deal!

There's 68 councils in South Australia and 72 different development plans.

Actual hard copy books.

This has made things challenging.

What we're doing now is replacing all 72 with one statewide unified code and taking it all online.

This means the code and the application process all streamlined and digital.

Hi guys. So you got the new code.

Yeah! So much easier.

So much easier!

It's actually working quite well.

I've got to go, see ya.


We're setting the standard for the future of planning and everyone who lives in South Australia will see the effects of the new statewide Planning and Design Code.

This includes online assessment processing.

So whether you're an investor, developer, council or member of the public we want you to help influence the future of how we all live, work and move in South Australia.

Text on the screen reads, Find out more at and then the PlanSA logo.