Development application register

The development application register allows you to find, track and access publicly available information related to development application lodged within South Australia. Locate development applications using the interactive map viewer or through the search fields below.

It is important to note that not all applications are available for public comment. For more information of those applications that are currently being publicly notified, please visit the 'notified developments' page.

Use this interactive mapping tool to view development applications lodged by council area.

The map viewer shows development applications (including Crown developments proposed by the state, and Impact Assessed development). The map includes links to the PlanSA website where you can view further details about each application including the application/consent status, and publicly available documents.

View applications in your area that have been recently lodged or determined by using the 'search a council area' function below. Once you click "view in a map", a map with development applications lodged in your selected council area will be launched.

Disclaimer: This report relies on development applications being displayed based on location information. For a small number of applications, where address details were entered manually, or a recent land division has occurred some applications will not be displayed on this map.

Please search the development application register for a complete record of all applications.

For information on how to use this viewer, please click the icon on the map.

    You can be notified directly about development applications being lodged by subscribing to receive email notifications. Click the 'subscribe to be notified' button below to register to receive an email when applications are lodged that match your subscription selections.

    Note: Subscribing to all Councils will override individual subscriptions that have been set up for a Council.

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    Not all development applications are published in this register and map.

    If your application was lodged before 31 July 2020, it might be published in a council's register instead.

    Use our wizard to find out where your application is published by entering details about when it was lodged.

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