Hazard mapping project

The Attorney-General’s Department and the State Planning Commission is undertaking an 18 month flood hazard mapping and assessment project commencing in November 2020 – funded by a $3 million COVID-19 stimulus grant.

The project is split into two key areas, procurement of new and enhanced Flood Mapping and two Code Amendments to introduce the new flood hazard mapping and land use policy.

This project will deliver more consistent and contemporary mapping of riverine and surface water flood hazards across the State.

Flood maps can be used when drawing up flood-risk management plans, for preventing flood damage, in land use planning, for providing information on floods, in rescue operations and in determining what the lowest allowable construction elevation should be in order to avoid flood risk.

The Flood Hazard Mapping Project will provide new detailed flood studies as well as enhancing existing a large number of existing ones, state-wide coarse-scale flood hazard mapping and new Digital Elevation Modelling across 5 regional areas.

These mapping products will be used to give greater certainty in development assessment and provide information for the purposes of emergency management and regional planning. They will help facilitate an update of the Planning and Design Code spatial layers and flood policies through two Code Amendments.

As part of the Flood Hazard Mapping Project, preparation of the Flood Mapping Products is now underway.

Regional scale flood hazard mapping has been purchased from two vendors and is currently being prepared for inclusion in the Code and for delivery through SAPPA.

Nine new flood studies are being prepared predominantly by South Australian suppliers, with twenty-five existing flood studies also being enhanced to build on existing work by councils and SA Water. Both the new and enhanced flood hazard studies are being developed to address the impact of climate change and future development growth to 2050. The project is also delivering new LiDAR mapping for areas outside of metropolitan Adelaide.

All mapping products are due for completion in June 2022 and will benefit land use planning and provide important information for emergency service planning and infrastructure planning.

As part of the flood mapping project, two Code Amendments will be initiated and released for public consultation.

  1. A ‘Flooding Hazards Mapping Update Code Amendment’ is proposed to commence in late 2021 to update the current flood mapping of twelve council areas and will also review the application of the current ‘Evidence Required’ Flood Overlay in the Planning and Design Code across various council and outback areas of the state.

  2. A ‘State-Wide Flooding Hazards Code Amendment’ is proposed to commence in mid-2022 to revise the state-wide policy for flood hazards in the Planning and Design Code and deliver a full suite of new and updated mapping products.