Practice Directions and Guidelines

The planning system is complex and can often require experienced professionals to make procedural judgement calls.

To support them, section 42 of the new PDI Act includes the ability for the State Planning Commission to issue practice directions and guidelines.

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A practice direction may specify procedural requirements relating to any matter under the legislation. Practice directions will likely address a range of matters currently covered by the Development Regulations 2008.

Throughout the new Act there are many specific instances where the State Planning Commission is allowed to issue a practice direction. They are issued by the Commission by a notice in the Government Gazette and must be published on the SA Planning Portal. The Commission also has the power to revoke or vary a practice direction through the same process of notification and publication.

In accordance with the provisions of the Act, the following elements may require the establishment of a practice direction:

  • preparation of a regional plan
  • assessment pathways
  • the establishment and appointment of assessment panels.


A record of public consultation relating to this planning tool is listed below.

Consultation close date 18 December 2019

The draft Inspection Policies Practice Direction has been issued under section 144 of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (PDI Act) and has been informed by expert advice from the State Planning Commission’s Building Committee and other industry stakeholders.

The draft practice direction outlines proposed inspection levels and is intended to set minimum mandatory requirements that councils must comply with under the PDI Act.

Consultation on the draft Inspection Policies Practice Direction closed on 18 December 2019. A What We Have Heard report based on feedback received has now been published.

Submissions received

Consultation closed on 1 March 2019

The draft Development Assessment Regulations and Practice Directions set out how the new development assessment framework will operate in the new planning system.

Your input is being used to inform the draft Regulations and Practice Directions to help set out the new framework for planning and development in South Australia.

What We Have Heard report based on feedback received has been circulated to all engagement participants and published on this page.

Submissions received


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