Metropolitan development activity tracker

Use this 3D mapping tool to see major new developments approved, commenced and constructed in Metropolitan Adelaide.

The tracker displays new developments as a three dimensional model showing location, height and scale.

Launch the tracker

What's included

The tracker includes developments that:

  • hold a valid planning consent issued by the state planning authority since 2008
  • are located in the City of Adelaide
  • are located in designated urban corridor zones and selected strategic infill areas in metropolitan Adelaide

How to use the tracker

Use the About button to see the function of each tool and how to navigate the viewer.

Click the developments on the map to see further information about that development (dock the information box to the side for easier viewing by using the dock button ). The slides button gives the ability to jump to several areas of interest. Use the north button to reset orientation to north.

These layers can be turned on or off:

  • Approved developments
  • Commenced developments
  • Completed developments
  • Existing buildings (available in the Adelaide LGA only)
  • Uplift zones

Compatible browsers

The tracker is currently supported by these web browsers:

The tracker is not supported in Internet Explorer.

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All 3D models are simplified representations of complex built forms and should only be relied upon for a general appreciation of the height and scale of the development.

While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that all the information displayed and provided in this application is correct, the State of South Australia and its agencies, instrumentalities, employees and contractors do not make any guarantees to the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information and disclaim any and all liability to any person/s. Any actions you take based on the information you find within this application is strictly at you own discretion and risk.