Getting professional help

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Seeking the help of a professional can help you prepare everything you need for lodgement and resolve any problems early.

Well prepared applications can save you time and money and prevent having to amend your plans later on.

Help from your local council

It is a good idea to speak to staff at your local council when are thinking about undertaking a development.

Your local council staff can confirm whether approval is required for your project and what your next steps will be.

Help from a professional

If your proposal is complicated, or you are not confident about preparing an application yourself, you could enage a professional to help you.

Qualified professionals understand the approval process and are familiar with lodging applications. They can help you design your proposal and put your application together before lodgement.

Professionals can also lodge an application on your behalf and act as the primary contact throughout the assessment process.

While using professional advice is an additional cost, the resulting application is typically of a higher standard and generally assists with the assessment process. Professional advice may also help to shorten decision timeframes.

Engage an accredited professional

PlanSA publishes a register of all accredited planning and building professionals across the state.

Engage a planning consultant

To find a professional to assist with a planning consent:

Engage a building surveyor

To find a professional to assist with a buildling consent: