Building Code

The Building Code of Australia is comprised of Volumes One and Two of the National Construction Code and is used to assess a development application for building consent.



National Construction Code

National Construction Code

The National Construction Code is available from the Australian Building Codes Board website.

About this document

The National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) is published and maintained by the Australian Building Codes Board.

Volumes One and Two form the Building Code of Australia, and Volume Three forms the Plumbing Code of Australia, which is managed under other legislation and administered by the Office of the Technical Regulator.

The NCC is a uniform set of technical requirements for building work throughout Australia that allows for variations for climate and geological or geographic conditions.

It is given legal status through building laws and regulations in each state and territory.

It sets out minimum requirements for health and safety, amenity, accessibility and sustainability in design and construction of new buildings and new building work in existing buildings.