There are statutory forms that must be used during the assessment process of a development application.

These forms must be used throughout the process, from initial stages of lodgement to final occupation of a building.

The forms you are required to use are determined by the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

All current versions of forms under this Act are available for download from PlanSA.

Seek pre-lodgement advice

Use this form to seek pre-lodgement advice from a referral agency before you lodge an application.

Lodge an application

Use these forms to submit a development application for approval.

Public Notification

Use this form to include with the owner/occupier public notification letter to provide as an alternative to make an online representation.

Request or review a decision

Use these forms to request review of a decision made on your application, or request a deemed consent to be issued.

If you are a relevant authority, use this form to issue a decision.

Designated building products

Use these forms to determine and install any designated building products that will be used as part of a proposed development.

Essential safety provisions (ESPs)

Use these forms to guide the planning, installation and maintenance of essential safety provisions (ESPs) in a building.

After building work

Use this form to certify that building work has been carried out in accordance with a relevant approval and is ready to occupy.