Disclosure of commercial competitive interest

This form is required to declare a commercial competitive interest in relation to a development application.




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About this document

A disclosure of commercial competitive interest is an approved form for the purposes of section 208 of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 and regulation 125(1) of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017.

A person who commences any relevant proceedings or becomes a party to any relevant proceedings and receives, in connection with those proceedings, direct or indirect financial assistance from a person who has a commercial competitive interest in the proceedings must disclose the interest.

If the business of a person might be adversely affected by a particular development on account of competition in the same market, then the person will be taken to have a commercial competitive interest in any relevant proceedings that are related to that development.

A disclosure must be made to the Registrar of the relevant court and to the other parties to the relevant proceedings in accordance with any requirements prescribed by the regulations.