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On 31 July 2020, the new planning system became operational in rural parts of South Australia.

Use this learning material to help understand the new system and how to complete tasks online.

Who should use this material

Applicants submit applications to gain approval for a development proposal in South Australia.

An applicant may be a:

  • Home owner who submits applications that are low cost and low complexity
  • Investor who submit applications that are high cost and high complexity
  • Lodging agent who submits applications on behalf of an investor, home owner or state agency.

Some applicants are lodging for the first time to improve their home while other applicants lodge many times in a year on behalf of others.

Member of South Australia's community may be interested in new development activity happening across the state.

Planners are responsible for ensuring development is appropriately located, designed and considered across the state.

Under the new system, planners will:

  • Be accredited as Planning Level 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Assess developments requiring planning consent under the new Act
  • Work for state government, local government or independently
  • Help applicants to prepare a development application and provide expert advice

Land surveyors help facilitate the division of land that is involved in development. Under the new system, surveyors will:

  • Be accredited as a Surveyor
  • Help applicants prepare and submit land division development applications
  • Survey land in PDI Act areas to assist with a land division application

Building professionals are responsible for ensuring compliance and structural integrity of building work aross the state.

A building professional may be a:

  • Building surveyors who assess development requiring building consent
  • Building inspector who conducts mandatory inspection of building work
  • Building contractor who undertakes building processes in a compliant manner

Under the new system, building surveyors and inspectors must be accredited at Building Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 to undertake statutory assessment functions.

State agencies are responsible for providing expert advice during the assessment of a development application, to help steer its decision-making.

They also help evolve state-level policy and lodge development applications on behalf of a Department.

Under the new system, state agencies:

  • Receive, assess and respond to referrals on development applications as a referral body
  • Submit crown development applications on behalf of the state
  • Comment on code amendment proposals by Councils and other entities

Enquiry and setup

For applicants, planners, surveyors and building professionals

Submit an application

For applicants, planners, surveyors and building professionals

Verify a consent

For planners and building professionals

Assess a consent

For planners, building professionals and state agencies


For planners, surveyors and building professionals


For planners and building professionals