Council financial report service

This service is available to councils that are managing development applications lodged under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

Councils can use this online service to produce financial reports in relation to fees payable for development applications.

Access the service

Council staff can login to the service using the same credentials used to login to the Development Application Processing (DAP) system.

Login to the Financial Report Service

What reports are available

Councils can access different financial reports that are generated by Power BI. Each report contains transactional information related to fees payable by a development application.

Recipient Created Tax Invoice

The Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) is a legislated GST compliance report showing all payments that attract GST to each agency and GST amounts payable to the ATO.

Receipts Report

This report details all the transactions relating to payments made for development applications over a given period so that councils can use this information to reconcile the money received in their bank accounts.

Daily Till Report

This report displays payments processed over the counter by frontline staff so that tills can be balanced at the end of each day.

Disbursement Report

This report shows details of underlying disbursements that have been made to councils and referral bodies.

Refunds Report

This report details all the refunds made for development applications over a given period so that councils can use this information to reconcile the refunded money.