Practice directions

The State Planning Commission issues practice directions to specify procedural requirements under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

Practice Direction 1 – Environment and Food Production Areas – Greater Adelaide 2017

Rules for the division of land in the Environment and Food Production Areas of Greater Adelaide.

Practice Direction 2 – Preparation and Amendment of Designated Instruments

Rules for the consultation required to prepare or amend a designated instrument.

Practice Direction 3 – Notification of Performance Assessed Development Applications 2019

Processes for public notification of performance assessed development applications.

Practice Direction 4 – Restricted and Impact Assessed Development 2019

Rules for the assessment process for restricted and impact assessed development applications.

Practice Direction 5 – Appointment of Additional Members to an Assessment Panel 2019

Rules for the appointment of additional expert members to an assessment panel.

Practice Direction 6 – Scheme to Avoid Conflicting Regimens 2019

Rules to manage conflicting procedures that may arise with planning controls or the development assessment process.

Practice Direction 7 – Inspection Policy for Out of Council Areas 2019

Rules for the inspection of new developments built in Out of Council areas.

Practice Direction 8 – Inspection Policy for Swimming Pools 2019

Requirements for the inspection of new swimming pool safety features to achieve compliance requirements.

Practice Direction 9 – Council Inspections 2020

Requirements for inspection of developments by councils in their respective areas.

Practice Direction 10 – Staged Occupation of Multi-storey Buildings 2020

Rules to ensure that staged occupation of multi-storey buildings takes place in a safe and coordinated manner.

Practice Direction 11 – Deemed Planning Consent Standard Conditions 2020

Standard conditions that will apply to a deemed planning consent in cases where the relevant authority does not impose conditions.

Practice Direction 12 – Conditions 2020

Rules for a relevant authority to impose conditions as part of a decision on a development application.

Practice Direction 13 – Notification of Crown Development Applications 2020

Processes for public notification of Crown development applications.

Practice Direction 14 – Site Contamination Assessment 2021

Part of a scheme that provides for requirements that apply to the assessment of potential site contamination.

Practice Direction 15 – Building Envelope Plans 2021

Sets out matters related to the assessment, approval and publication of building envelope plans.

Practice Direction 16 – Urban Tree Canopy Off-set Scheme 2021

The Urban Tree Canopy Off-set Scheme facilitates tree planting and the enhancement of tree canopy in metropolitan Adelaide.