Practice Direction 8 – Inspection Policy for Swimming Pools 2019

Requirements for the inspection of new swimming pool safety features to achieve compliance requirements.




About this document

This practice direction:

  • ensures that swimming pool safety features are installed according to the requirements for safe operation and use of swimming pools within the state.
  • requires all councils in South Australia to carry out inspections of swimming pools for compliance with the requirements.

Councils must comply with the following minimum requirements relating to the inspection of swimming pools (including all swimming pool safety features), within the area of the council:

  • councils must inspect 100% of swimming pools and swimming pool safety features constructed over the course of the relevant reporting year within 2 weeks of the council being notified of the completion of:
    • in the case of a swimming pool, the construction of which required the construction of swimming pool safety features—the construction of those safety features
    • in any other case—the construction of the swimming pool and swimming pool safety features.

The State Planning Commission issues practice directions to specify procedural requirements in connection the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.