Statement of compliance

Use this form to certify that building work was carried out according to the relevant building consent.




About this document

A statement of compliance is a document signed by the owner and building work contractor. The statement certifies that building work has been carried out to relevant building standards and according to the specifications and plans approved by the relevant authority before development began.

A statement of compliance must be accompanied by any certificates, reports or other documents that the relevant authority noted at the time building rules consent was given.

The statement must be signed by the owner or by someone acting on their behalf and by any of the following:

  • the licensed building work contractor responsible for carrying out the work
  • a registered building work supervisor
  • a building certifier.

The statement of compliance is an approved form for the purposes of issuing a statement of compliance under Regulation 104(3) of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017.