Form 2 - ESP compliance certificate

Use this form to confirm that a building meets safety requirements set out by an essential safety provision (ESP).




No historic versions available

About this document

Form 2 is an approved form for the purposes of Regulations 94(5) to 94(8) of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017.

Completion of this form confirms that the installation of approved essential safety provisions (ESPs) complies with the approved safety requirements required by the Act and Regulations and listed on the ESP Form 1 issued by the relevant authority (in accordance with Ministerial Building Standard (MBS) 002 - Maintaining the performance of essential safety provisions).

lt applies to buildings where ESPs are required to be installed or to be inspected, tested or maintained under the Building Code or any other regulations and must be provided to the council or building certifier that will be issuing the certificate of occupancy on completion of an ESP installation.

The certificate must be signed by either:

  • the person who installed the ESP
  • the manager of the company responsible for the installation of the ESP.

An ESP Form 2 compliance certificate is not required for buildings classified as either Class 1a or 10 under the Building Code.