Development application form

This form is required to lodge a development application for approval.




About this document

A development application form is an approved form under section 119(1) of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. 

Whenever you wish to undertake development, a development application must be lodged for approval. This form outlines a summary of the proposed development, including applicant and location details and an estimated development cost.

Development refers to a wide range of activities associated with building work, changes in land use, advertising displays and division of land. The assessment of development can occur in a number of stages and may require different types of consent prior to approval being issued.

A development application form is used to apply for one or more of the consents required which may include planning consent, building consent, or land division consent.

If you are seeking consents from different authorities, a new form will need to be completed for each consent.

This development application form is not required to be completed if you are lodging an application electronically.