Prepare your application

In this guide

If you require approval for your proposal, you will need to lodge a development application.

Your application must sufficiently describe what you are proposing so that a relevant authority can properly assess its merits for the proposed location.

Information you'll need

The information you'll need to provide with your application depends on the nature of your development and its complexity.

Use PlanSA's development application checklist to confirm what you'll need to provide with your application


All applications require a signed development application form, which describes:

  • a summary of your proposed development
  • the site address of the development
  • contact details for the applicant, landowner and builder if applicable
  • the current and proposed land use of the site address
  • an estimated development cost.

Most applications also need an Electricity Infrastructure Declaration to show the proposed development is located a safe distance from the power lines.

Plans and documents

All applications should include a copy of a site plan which shows the location of the proposed development and its surrounds.

A site plan may include:

  • dimensions and boundaries of the site
  • proposed boundary setbacks of the development
  • existing buildings, trees, retaining walls and other structures
  • on-site sewerage or waste disposal system
  • driveway levels and car parking spaces
  • existing and proposed ground/floor levels.

Additional documentation may be required for your proposal such as:

  • floor plan
  • elevation drawing
  • schedule of colours
  • noise report.