System amendments

From time to time, the planning and development system is amended to improve the way it works in South Australia.

By having your say, you can influence  the way we plan and build under the new planning system.

Current amendments

Current amendments that are on public consultation for your feedback.

Closes 12 November 2020

The Minister for Planning and Local Government is proposing to rezone land at Oaklands Park with a new medium density residential development that will support the needs of our diverse community.

There is an urgent need to replace the aging housing stock and associated infrastructure in the Oaklands Park area with modern dwellings that cater for the requirements of the community. The redevelopment project proposes to replace approximately 255 SA Housing Authority properties one-for-one with new, high quality, fit-for-purpose dwellings. Surplus land will be developed to provide for an estimated 425 additional dwellings that will be put to market for private, social and affordable housing opportunities, creating a mixed tenure community that will help support our growing population. The master planning process (which is separate from the DPA process) provides for upgrades of road, water, power and open space infrastructure, including the Rajah Reserve, to provide improved service and facilities for the community.

The DPA seeks to provide an appropriate policy framework to guide this master planned redevelopment.  As such, land immediately south of the Warradale Barracks that is currently zoned Residential – Regeneration Policy Area 16 and Medium Density Policy Area 12 is proposed to be rezoned to the Urban Renewal Neighbourhood Zone – Master Planned Renewal Policy Area 25, per the attached map.

Although the adjacent Bombay Street Reserve is also identified as part of the affected area, it is not proposed for rezoning. The open space and recreation facilities are proposed to be upgraded as part of the redevelopment project to improve amenity and use.

The DPA also proposes a streamlined approval process for development that meets specific, pre-approved criteria via a ‘Building Envelope Plan’ with Council as the planning authority (see Development Approval Pathways).

Note that privately owned properties within the affected area do not form part of the redevelopment, but will be affected by the rezoning.

These rezonings will implement key targets of The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide by providing opportunity for increased housing diversity in proximity to community infrastructure and services.

Closes 12 November 2020

The Minister for Planning and Local Government is proposing to rezone two sites currently developed for light industry purposes at Payneham and Stepney to allow for residential and mixed use developments.

Both sites are currently zoned light industry which seeks the development of industrial and commercial activities. However, given that both sites are isolated industrial activities surrounded by residential development, they are no longer attractive for future industrial developments. It now appropriate to consider alternative zoning that seeks to minimise the impacts on the surrounding dwellings but also seek to promote economic outcomes that provide for housing diversity and choice, alongside service and public transport networks.

  • Site 1 (Payneham)

    This area consists of the former Schweppes factory at 382 Payneham Road, Payneham (now demolished) as well as the adjacent properties within the land bounded by Payneham Road, Thelma Street, Lewis Road and Ashbrook Avenue.

    The site is no longer considered an optimum location for industrial development given the proximity of residential and heritage development.

    The DPA proposes to rezone the land to Urban Corridor Zone – Business Policy Area which provides for a range of commercial / retail activities at the ground floor and medium density residential development above (to a maximum of five storeys).

  • Site 2 (Stepney)

    The Otto’s Timber and Joinery business is proposing to relocate to a site more suited to its operational requirements, providing a valuable opportunity to rezone the land to better reflect its context. The affected area includes five adjacent residential dwellings that are currently zoned Light Industry or District Commercial Zone, as well as one site owned by Otto’s in the Local Centre (St Peters) Zone.

    The DPA process is proposing to rezone the land owned by Otto’s and the residential property fronting Bennett Street to Urban Corridor Zone – Transit Living Policy Area which enables medium density residential development (up to three storeys) together with small scale non-residential activities at the ground floor level. Affected residential properties fronting Ann Street are proposed to be included in the adjoining Residential Historic (Conservation) Zone – Stepney Policy Area.

These rezonings will implement key targets of The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide by providing opportunity for increased housing diversity in proximity to community infrastructure and services.

How to have your say

Current amendments are published on the yourSAy website, where you can:

  • get some background on what is being amended
  • register to be notified on updates
  • provide feedback as an online submission.

The consultation process

All system amendments must go on public consultation before a decision is made.

Amendments are published on PlanSA for you to have your say and consultation may also involve public events, letter drops and brochures.

All designated instrument amendments must comply with the Community Engagement Charter during consultation.

After consultation closes all submissions will be published on PlanSA as public information.

Past amendments

PlanSA publishes amendments that have completed the public consultation process and have reached a decision.

All the consultation documentation is available as well as copies of submissions received.

See past amendments