The Planning and Design Code in the City of Marion

Published Thursday, 17 December 2020

The ‘Planning and Design Code in the City of Marion’ fact sheet has been created to assist in the public’s understanding of policies proposed for the Marion Plains and explains some of the inaccuracies in the recently released Marion Council’s ‘Protect our Streets’ flyer. Importantly the claims that the Code will reduce space for trees and car parking and produce lower quality housing is not accurate; in fact, the Code aims to achieve the exact opposite.

The improved residential infill policy of the Code addresses:

  • increasing tree planting, urban green cover and space for gardens
  • ensuring adequate on-site parking
  • reducing the loss of on-street parking
  • increasing street amenity by incorporating design features to enhance building façades; and
  • increasing management of stormwater through enhanced rainwater tank requirements and more pervious surfaces.

Read the Planning and Design Code in the City of Marion fact sheet (PDF, 1616 KB).

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