New variations to planning regulations made in response to COVID-19 lockdown

Published Thursday, 22 July 2021

The State Government has announced new variations to planning regulations in response to the current state-wide lockdown to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

The Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) (Application of the Act) Variation Regulations 2021 (regulation variations) were gazetted to help ease pressure on supermarkets, ensure that supply chains are not impacted by planning restrictions, and goods can be delivered at any time to help meet increased customer demand.

Given the likelihood of increased demand and supply chain delays, delivery of goods to supermarkets can be made any time and will not breach conditions of development approval. The regulation variations also provide the additional ability, if required, for:

  • the delivery of goods to other retail outlets other than supermarkets such as chemists, hardware stores or bottle shops (in the event of pressures on supply chains and only if gazetted in a notice by the Chief Executive on the PlanSA) to not breach conditions of development approval

  • shops to be open to the public at any time, without breaching conditions of development approval that restrict their hours of operation.

In addition, the regulation variations will also ensure that time periods for development applications requiring public notification are not impacted due to the current lockdown. The time period will not apply until a sign can be placed on the land and letters sent to neighbouring property owners.

This temporary variation will ensure that neighbouring property owners, and the general public who may see the sign on the land, have sufficient time to respond to the notification.

The updated regulation variations will apply up until 30 September, 2021 or an earlier date if designated in a notice by the Minister in the SA Government Gazette.

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