Code Amendment Toolkit: Learn how to plan and request an amendment to the Code

Published Friday, 16 April 2021

The State Planning Commission (the Commission) has developed a Code Amendment Toolkit (the Toolkit) to assist councils, planning practitioners and industry in understanding how to initiate and lead amendments to the Planning and Design Code (the Code).

The Commission is responsible for ensuring the Code is maintained, reflects contemporary values relevant to planning, and responds readily to emerging trends or issues. Unlike with Development Plan Amendments under the Development Act 1993, the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 allows Code Amendments to be led by a range of different parties, from local councils and state government agencies, to joint planning boards, essential infrastructure providers as well as private parties with an interest in land.

The Commission will lead Code Amendments to address significant state-wide issues as well as to regularly update the Code to improve policy and address any technical matters.

For the first time, all Code Amendments must be lodged online through the PlanSA portal. The Toolkit supports the online lodgement process by providing detailed information on all stages of the Code Amendment process. Containing easy to follow instructions, templates and online forms, the Toolkit has been designed to guide practitioners and proponents to plan and request an amendment to the Code; and where relevant, to undertake the process for an amendment to the Code. The Toolkit will continue to be updated and refined on an ongoing basis.

For more information on the Code Amendment Toolkit contact the PlanSA Service Desk at 1800 752 664 or

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