MBS 003 - Fire safety in caravan parks and residential parks

This Ministerial Building Standard applies to fire safety provisions in new and existing caravan parks and residential parks.




No historic versions available

About this document

This Ministerial Building Standard (MBS 003) contains fire safety provisions that apply in:

  • new caravan parks and residential parks; or
  • parts of existing caravan parks and residential parks being upgraded or modified to address fire safety risks that arise due to the predominant use of combustible materials in the construction of caravans.

This standard applies to caravans used as:

  • recreational accommodation
  • permanent accommodation.

This standard doesn’t apply to manufactured homes or cabins that are transported to a site or built on-site.

Ministerial Building Standards form part of the Building Rules which are used to assess a development application for building consent. All standards must be read in conjunction with the requirements of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017.