Accreditation of Persons Installing Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Outlines the types of solar panels that can be installed without development approval by an accredited person.




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About this document

If the total weight of a solar photovoltaic system is less than 100 kg, it doesn’t require a development application for installation, alteration, repair or maintenance.

This determination advises the accreditation level required for solar panel providers to install photovoltaic systems over 100 kg total weight without requiring development approval.

If the weight is over 100 kg, all the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • the weight load is distributed so that it does not exceed 100 kg at any 1 point of attachment to the roof
  • it is not a State Heritage Place or in a State Heritage Area
  • the panels:
    • are installed by a person who holds an accreditation under a scheme recognised by the Minister
    • and any associated components, do not overhang any part of the roof
    • are fitted parallel to the roof with the underside surface of the panels being less than 100 mm above the roof surface
  • the system
    • does not have a generating capacity of more than 5 MW to be connected to the State's power system
    • should not be able to be seen by a person standing at ground level in a public street if it’s installed in a local heritage place.

The Minister's Determination - Accreditation of persons installing solar photovoltaic panels has been made for the purposes of Schedule 4, clause 16(3)(b)(iv) of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017.