Building Level 1 Powers to Grant Planning Consent

Specifies the scope of powers for Building Level 1 accredited professionals to grant planning consent to development applications.




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About this document

An Accredited professional - Building Level 1 can act as the relevant authority for giving a planning consent to the following deemed-to-satisfy developments:

  • the construction, alteration, or addition to
    • an outbuilding where human activity is secondary
    • a carport or verandah
  • the alteration or addition to an existing detached or semi-detached dwelling
  • a detached or semi-detached dwelling built in line with a previously granted development authorisation
  • the construction of a new dwelling
  • any construction required to comply with an earlier development authorisation for a new dwelling
  • division of land providing for the construction of a new dwelling, if planning consent has been granted for a deemed-to-satisfy development.

The Minister's Determination – Building Level 1 Powers to Grant Planning Consent is determined for the purposes of regulation 25(2)(a) of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017.