Kangaroo Island - Hanson Bay - Southern Ocean Lodge

The rebuild proposal

The Southern Ocean Lodge resort at Hanson Bay on Kangaroo Island was approved on 19 October 2006 after undergoing a Major Development assessment process. The development was constructed and began operation in March 2008.

The resort was severely damaged by the bushfire events of December 2019 / January 2020.  Baillie Lodges Pty Ltd is to rebuild the resort on the same footprint and in accordance with the original design, but with a range of minor improvements. The main change being the relocation of the day spa / pool facility and its replacement with premium accommodation suites. Improved waste water management infrastructure, along with additional water storage and firefighting capacity, is to be installed.

On 24 December 2020 the Minister for Planning and Local Government varied the major development declaration to enable the development authorisation to be updated to cover the rebuild.

An amended PER and Assessment Report have been prepared to provide an updated assessment of the rebuild proposal.

Download a summary of this development (PDF, 307 KB)

Authorisation dates

Construction to commence (no later) - 4 May 2023

Completion of works (no later) - 4 May 2026

Assessment stages and documentation

Final Development Authorisation10 March 2022Decision notification (PDF, 312 KB)
Decision by the Minister for Planning and Local Government 13 May 2021 Government Gazette dated 13 May 2021
Release of amended PER and Assessment Report 22 March 2021 Amended PER document (PDF, 3926 KB)
Amendment to the Assessment Report (PDF, 15240 KB)
Variation of Declaration 24 December 2020 Government Gazette dated 24 December 2020
Variation of Development Authorisation 22 November 2012 Government Gazette dated 22 November 2012
Governor's Decision 19 October 2006 Government Gazette dated 19 October 2006
Release of Assessment Report by Minister October 2006 Assessment Report (PDF, 896 KB)
Release of Response document to public and agency comments 20 July 2006 Response document (PDF, 727 KB)
Release of PER document for public comment 3 April 2006 PER document (PDF, 54567 KB)
Release of Guidelines with level of assessment determined December 2005 Guidelines (PDF, 433 KB)
Declaration as major development 23 June 2005 Government Gazette dated 23 June 2005