Olympic Dam - Open Cut Mine Expansion

The proposal

The Olympic Dam Expansion was declared as a Major development in November 2008. The development involves the expansion of the existing Olympic Dam open cut mine near Roxby Downs. The expansion will increase production by up to 1 million tonnes per annum or copper and associated products.

The expansion will also include a new borefield for water supply, upgraded electricity and transport infrastructure and an expansion of the Roxby Downs township. Significant waste rock storage areas, expanded evaporation basins and a new desalination plant at Port Bonython are also proposed.

Download a summary of this development (PDF, 247 KB)

Assessment stages and documentation


Decision by Minister

The South Australian Minister for Mineral Resources Development, as the Minister responsible for the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982, approved the Olympic Dam Expansion Project, subject to 157 conditions, on 10 October 2011.

A variation to this approval was granted by the above Minister on 24 October 2013, 13 December 2015 and 8 August 2017.

Government Gazette dated 10 October 2011

Variation - Government Gazette dated 24 October 2013

Variation - Government Gazette dated 8 August 2017

Release of Assessment Report by Minister

The South Australian Minister for Mineral Resource Development, as the Minister responsible for the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982, released the Assessment Report on 10 October 2011.

Assessment Report (PDF, 4762 KB)

Release of Response document to public and agency comments on EIS

The Australian Government indicated to BHP Billiton on 21 April 2011 that, following an 'adequacy' review, its Supplementary EIS (SEIS) contained sufficient information for the Australian, South Australian and Northern Territory governments to formally assess the project, as required by the Commonwealth's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Supplementary EIS

Release of EIS document for public comment

The public consultation period on BHP Billiton's draft environmental impact statement closed on Friday 7 August 2009.

Environmental Impact Statement

Release of final Guidelines (EIS level of assessment determined to be required)

13 February 2006

1 December 2008

Guidelines for an EIS (PDF, 373 KB)

Guidelines for an EIS Land outside indenture land (PDF, 667 KB)

NT Government - Guidelines for NT transport options (PDF, 169 KB)

Public comment on draft guidelines/issues paper

21 November 2005 to 19 December 2005

Submissions available for viewing on request

Release of draft guidelines / issues paper

21 November 2005

Draft guidelines issues paper (PDF, 1871 KB)

Declaration as major development

15 September 2005

Government Gazette dated 15 September 2005

Variation - Government Gazette dated 14 December 2006

Variation - Government Gazette dated 10 April 2008

Variation - Government Gazette dated 21 August 2008