Sleaford - Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex

The proposal

The proposal can be generally described as all activities and works associated with the construction and operation of an orbital space launch facility at Whalers Way, Sleaford.

For the purposes of the major development declaration, the proposal includes:

  • launch pads
  • assembly facilities (both temporary and permanent)
  • secure block houses, blast walls and firing bunkers
  • lightning rods and anemometer towers
  • propellant (liquid, hybrid and solid) storage
  • diesel power generators and solar arrays
  • bunding for blast wave deflection
  • office, laboratory and research related facilities
  • visitor viewing facilities
  • road transport access.

Assessment stages and documentation


Minister's Decision


Release of Assessment Report


Release of Response Document


Release of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for public comment

5 August 2021

EIS document (PDF, 51731 KB)
Appendix A - Major Project Declaration Request (PDF, 494 KB)
Appendix B - Major Project Declaration (PDF, 265 KB)
Appendix C - Initial Application (PDF, 20361 KB)
Appendix D - Assessment Guidelines (PDF, 661 KB)
Appendix E - Assessment Information Matrix (PDF, 272 KB)
Appendix F - Corporate Information (PDF, 165 KB)
Appendix G - Development Plan Extracts (PDF, 5745 KB)
Appendix H - Planning  and Design Code Policy Extracts (PDF, 5886 KB)
Appendix I -  Certificate of Title Register Search (PDF, 64 KB)
Appendix J - Deposited Plan (PDF, 552 KB)
Appendix K - Caveat (PDF, 1396 KB)
Appendix L - Heritage Agreement (PDF, 464 KB)
Appendix M - Proposal Plan Set - part 1 (PDF, 52999 KB)
Appendix M - Proposal Plan Set - part 2 (PDF, 11992 KB)
Appendix M - Proposal Plan Set - part 3 (PDF, 3336 KB)
Appendix N - Economic Analysis (PDF, 561 KB)
Appendix O - Noise and Vibration Assessment (PDF, 4505 KB)
Appendix P - Terrestrial Ecological Assessment (PDF, 16494 KB)
Appendix Q - Native Vegetation Data Report (PDF, 9377 KB)
Appendix R - Costal Raptor Assessment (PDF, 548 KB)
Appendix S - Marine Ecological Assessment (PDF, 3236 KB)
Appendix T - Geotechnical Assessment (PDF, 2397 KB)
Appendix U - Stormwater Assessment (PDF, 5034 KB)
Appendix V - Design Stae (Water) Enviornmental Management Plan (PDF, 1875 KB)
Appendix W - Air Quality Assessment (PDF, 1609 KB)
Appendix X - Greenhouse Gas Assessment (PDF, 688 KB)
Appendix Y - Cultural Heritage Assessment (PDF, 1511 KB)
Appendix Z - Landscape Character and Probable Visual Effect Assessment (PDF, 7952 KB)
Appendix AA - Traffic Impact Assessment (PDF, 13643 KB)
Appendix AD - Draft Construction EMP (PDF, 785 KB)
Appendix AE - Draft Operational EMP (PDF, 710 KB)

Advertisement (PDF, 57 KB)
Fact Sheet (PDF, 222 KB)

Release of guidelines with level of assessment determined

20 August 2020

Guidelines document (PDF, 2672 KB)

Declaration as major development

22 August 2019

See notice in Government Gazette dated 29 August 2019, page 3132