Revoke an issued Certificate of Occupancy

The ‘revoking’ of an issued Certificate of Occupancy (CoO) can only be performed by a Local Government Authority (council) and after the applicant is sent an email advising the CoO has been revoked and the reason for revoking the certificate.

Locate the Certificate of Occupancy application

Locate the CoO application in the DAP system using the ID number of the CoO or the ID number of the development application provided within the email.

  1. Login to the DAP system, if not already.
  2. Click on Certificate of Occupancy option from your dashboard.
  3. Click on Completed to view all issued CoO.
  4. Locate the CoO and click on the Certificate ID number to open.

Revoke the Certificate of Occupancy

  1. Click on Decision tab.
  2. Click on Revoke Certificate.
  3. Complete the Revoke Certificate of Occupancy screen (as outlined below) and click on Submit to complete the action.
  • Reason: select the reason applicable.
  • Additional details: is not mandatory unless ‘Other’ is selected as the reason, where additional details will need to be provided and included in the email notification.
  • Upload:supporting documentation (as required).

The Decision screen displays with a record of the ‘revoked’ decision.

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