Create an online account to lodge applications for an organisation

An online account will need to be created in order to ‘lodge applications’ for your business or on-behalf of your clients. The creation of an online account will enable you and your staff to track the progress of the development application through the development approval process and complete actions such as ‘make a payment’, ‘upload requested documentation’, ‘submit building notifications’ and ‘apply for a Certificate of Occupancy’.

To set-up an online account there are 3 stages to complete:

  1. Complete online account registration
  2. Confirm your organisation online account request
  3. Login for the first time
  1. Go to the PlanSA portal and click on Register.
  2. Click on Start your registration.
  3. Click on Lodging an application and click on Continue.
  4. Click on Yes to lodging on behalf of an organisation and then click on Continue.
  5. Confirm if your organisation already has an account or not; if unknown then select I don’t know.
    • Yes – my organisation already has an account or I don’t know if you are not sure if the organisation has an account. On clicking Continue, the prompt to speak to PlanSA shows with the PlanSA Service Desk contact details.
    • No – the organisation does not have an account. Click on Continue to provide the organisation details.
  6. Complete the registration fields with your Organisations name, contact details (postal address, contact phone number and email address) and ABN.
  7. Complete the registration details to create an online account for yourself.

    To register as an organisation requires one person to create an ‘Organisation Administrator’ account. This person be responsible for creating and maintaining the organisation’s users in the ePlanning system.

  8. Complete I’m not a robot and then Create Account to complete the registration.
  9. A message confirms the ‘creation of your online account’ and a second email is sent to confirm your online account.
  1. Go to your email inbox and locate the email from PlanSA with a subject line of ‘Confirmation of user account creation’.
  2. Click on the embedded link to confirm your account.
  3. A thank you message confirms ‘your email address’ and advises your organisation will need to be set up before an account is created for you. On creation, a second email is sent with your username and temporary password.
  1. Go to your email inbox where an email is available with a subject line of ‘Confirmation of user account creation’. It will contain a link to the Login Page along with your User Name and temporary password.
  2. Click on the link to log in with your temporary password.
  3. Enter the User Name and Temporary Password provided into the PlanSA login screen and Log In to proceed.
  4. Change your password by entering the temporary password provided (Old Password) and then a New Password, and re-enter to Confirm New Password.
  5. Click Submit to make the change.
  6. Your applications screen displays, and you are ready to Start a new application.