Record over-the-counter fee payments

For Fee Advice payments received over-the-counter or in the post from an applicant, or for the ‘Invoice Contact’ for an application, continue to follow current over-the-counter and/or mail/cash handling and receipting practices within your own financial systems.

Once the application fee payment has been receipted within your own financial systems, then the payment receipt details must be recorded against the application in the ePlanning system to proceed with the assessment.

Confirm fee advice has not been paid

  1. Type the ‘application number’ from the Fee Advice within the Assessment dashboard Search field and enter to perform the search.
  2. Remove the Assigned to me only checkbox to view all applications.
  3. The application status ‘Payment Required’ indicates the fee advice has not yet been paid.

Receipting the fee payment

  1. Click on the applicable consent to continue with recording the payment.
  2. Click on Pay Fee Advice within the consent screen showing.
  3. Click on the ‘Outstanding Fee Advices’, select and Pay Invoice to proceed.
  4. Complete the external payment details with the receipting details from your own financial systems. * Indicates mandatory fields.
    • Payment Type*: select the method of payment.
    • Relevant Authority’s Financial System receipt or transaction number*: type in the receipt / transaction number.
    • Relevant Authority’s Financial system user*: type in the name of the person who receipted the payment.
    • Relevant Authority’s Financial system date*: choose the payment receipted date. Important!

    The lodgement date is the date the payment is receipted against the application and not the date receipted into council financial systems.

    • Receipts: on taking the payment, it is not a requirement to upload a copy of the issued receipt.


    For a Cheque payment the following payment fields will display:

    • Name of the Drawer*
    • Cheque Number*

    For an EFT payment the following payment field will display:

    • EFT Receipt Number(s)*
  5. Click DONE to complete the payment.

The Consent screen will update the status from ‘Awaiting Payment’ to ‘Under Assessment’.