Update contact details for an application contact

Updating applicant or contact information for an application may be needed when;

  • an email notification has ‘bounced’ due to an email address being incorrect
  • a letter has been ‘returned to sender’
  • a contact has advised a change of postal address and/or email
  • a contact has been replaced by another person / business.
  1. On logging in, the Assessment dashboard will display.
  2. Search for the development application using the ID number.
  3. Remove the Assigned to me only checkbox to view all applications.


For applicants following these instructions the Assigned to me only checkbox will not display within the Your Applications screen.

  1. Click on the ID of the application to view more details.


The contact details cannot be updated when the status of the development application is ‘Awaiting Payment’.

  1. The development application – summary screen is shown. Scroll down to the Applicant contacts.
  2. Click on Edit against the applicable contact.
  3. The Edit Invoice Contact screen is showing and then overtype the applicable fields with the details provided. * Indicates mandatory fields.
    • Contact details*: Title – First Name – Last Name
    • Postal Address*
    • Preferred Contact Method:Email or Post
    • Phone
    • Alternative Phone
    • Email*
  4. Click on Save to keep the changes.