Upload a correspondence document and record the date sent

Upload the communications, e.g. letter, PDF of email etc. to the development application Documents store and record the date sent, to keep a record of communications between the relevant authority and the applicant and/or contacts (i.e. primary contact, invoice contact or land owner/s).

The below is an example of uploading a ‘Request for information’ letter sent to the primary contact through the post.

  1. Click on the Documents tab.
  2. Click on Upload Documents action.
  3. Click on the Other Documents heading to collapse the expanded view.
  4. Click on Upload within the Upload Documents screen.
  5. Navigate to the folder location the letter saved within and then drag-and-drop the file into the ‘Drop file here’ field.
  6. Close ‘X’ the Open window.
  7. Categorise the document choosing ‘Assessment Documents’ category and ‘Request for Information’ type.
  8. Click SaveChanges to complete the action.
  9. Click on the document type (not the document file name) to show details of the selected document.
  10. Select the Date Distributed from the pop-up calendar.
  11. Click on Update Documents to save.

The ‘date distributed’ displays in the field against the ‘Request for information’ document record