Code Amendments

From time to time, the planning and development system is amended to improve the way it works in South Australia.

By having your say, you can influence the way we plan and build under the new planning system.

Current Code amendments

There are currently no Code amendments open for comment.

Current Development Plan Amendments

Further information on Ministerial DPAs can be found on

How to have your say

Current amendments may be published on the yourSAy website, where you can:

  • get some background on what is being amended
  • register to be notified on updates
  • provide feedback as an online submission.

The consultation process

All system amendments must go on public consultation before a decision is made.

Amendments are published on PlanSA for you to have your say and consultation may also involve public events, public notices and brochures.

Consultation on major amendments under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act, 2016 must comply with the Community Engagement Charter with submissions published on the PlanSA portal.

Past amendments

PlanSA publishes amendments that have completed the public consultation process and have reached a decision.

All the consultation documentation is available as well as copies of submissions received.

See past amendments