Plympton - Mixed Use Development

The proposal

The proposal (as previously approved and amended) is for the staged re-development of a mixed use project at the corner of Anzac Highway and Marion Road, Plympton.

Download a summary of this development (PDF, 386 KB)

This development comprises:

  • 5-level residential apartment buildings and 2-storey townhouses
  • a supermarket
  • retail tenancies
  • ground level car parking.

Assessment stages and documentation




Minister's decision

21 March 2019

Government Gazette dated 21 March 2019

Assessment report by Minister

21 March 2019

Assessment Report for the 2nd Amendment to the Development Report (PDF, 1242 KB)

Minister's decision

21 June 2018

Government Gazette dated 21 June 2018

Release of amendment to development report by proponent for public comment

8 November 2017

Amendment to Development Report - Stage 2 (PDF, 10104 KB)

Response by proponent to public and agency comment

23 December 2013

Refer to Appendix 1 - Assessment Report

Assessment report by Minister

23 December 2013

Assessment Report (PDF, 10272 KB)

Release of amendment to development report by proponent for public comment

29 May 2013

Release of Amendment to Development Report Advert (PDF, 31 KB)

Amendment to Development Report (PDF, 24618 KB)

Released for comment until 19 June 2013

Release of assessment document by proponent for public comment

6 July 2009

Release of development report advert (PDF, 34 KB)

Development report (PDF, 28095 KB)

The development report was released for a six week public comment period from 6 July 2009 until 14 August 2009.

A public meeting was held at on 20 July 2009 at the West Torrens Council offices to outline the development report process and how to make a submission. The proponent and/or their representatives also attended.

Release of guidelines by Development Assessment Commission with level of assessment determined

1 August 2007

Release of guidelines advert (PDF, 33 KB)

Guidelines for preparing a development report (PDF, 569 KB)

Declaration as major development

24 May 2007

Government Gazette dated 24 May 2007

Variation to declaration in Government Gazette dated 29 January 2009