Port Pirie - Smelter Transformation

The proposal

The proposal is for an upgrade of the existing Nyrstar smelter at Port Pirie (Mid North), primarily to reduce lead emission levels.

Download a summary of this development (PDF, 239 KB)

It comprises a redevelopment of the existing sinter plant, blast furnace, acid making operations, and associated infrastructure and equipment, including any or all of these elements:

  • a new stage one enclosed bath smelting furnace system to replace the current sinter plant
  • a new stage one oxygen plant facility
  • a new stage two enclosed bath smelting furnace system to replace the current blast furnace
  • a new sulphur capture (acid plant) to replace the existing acid plant
  • storage areas for mineral concentrate and raw materials
  • an upgraded sea water intake cooling system and expanded cooling water discharge system
  • decommissioning and/or demolition of the existing sinter plant, blast furnace, acid plant and associated infrastructure.

Assessment stages and documentation


Governor's Decision

23 December 2013

Government Gazette dated 23 December 2013, page 5268

Release of Assessment Report by Minister

23 December 2013

Assessment Report (PDF, 1778 KB)

Release of response document by proponent to public and agency comments on PER document


Response document by proponent (PDF, 14212 KB)
Response appendices (PDF, 19798 KB)

Release of assessment document by proponent for public comment

7 August 2013

Public Environmental Report (PDF, 10665 KB)
Appendices A - D (PDF, 14996 KB)
Appendices E - H (PDF, 11134 KB)
Appendices I - K (PDF, 7562 KB)
Appendix L (PDF, 5255 KB)
Advertisement (PDF, 30 KB)

Release of Guidelines by Development Assessment Commission with level of assessment determined

31 May 2013

Guidelines for the preparation of a Public Environmental Report (PDF, 3735 KB)

Declaration as major development

28 February 2013

Government Gazette dated 28 February 2013, page 569