Print application fee payment documents - fee advice and tax invoice

Open the PlanSA portal and complete the following instructions to login to ‘your applications’ and print the ‘fee advice’ and ‘tax invoice’ documents.
  1. Click on Login Option within the PlanSA portal.
  2. Select the login option: ‘I want to lodge, manage or track my application’.
  3. Log in using your username and password within the PlanSA sign-in window.
  4. Click on the Under Assessment tab within the Your Applications dashboard.
  5. Click on the ID of the application to view the Documents store.
  6. Click on the Documents tab to view a list of application documentation.
  7. Click on the Invoices filter to view issued ‘Fee Advices’ and ‘Tax Invoices’.
  8. Click on the document name, e.g. tax invoice and from the bottom of the page open the downloaded document.
  9. Click on the Printer icon within the open document, e.g. tax invoice, to print the document.