Fees and payment

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After you've lodged your development application, you will be invoiced payable fees by the relevant authority.

Your application doesn't begin the assessment process until you've paid these fees.

Fees you'll pay

The cost of a development application is determined by the type of development and the assessment process it will follow.

Payable fees set out in legislation and reviewed annually, but there may be other variations from time to time.

Depending on the process required, there could be further costs, for instance, if your development needs public notice.

See which fees might be payable for your application

Additional fees

During the assessment process of applications assessing authorities may be required to seek other government agency advice or have determined a higher level of assessment is required.

In obtaining a more detailed assessment of the application additional fees will need to be raised to compensate for this extra scrutiny.

How to pay

Fees are paid to the relevant authority that will assess the lodged application. The relevant authority issues you an invoice of payable fees after lodgement.

Usually, your relevant authority is a local council. For appropriate payment methods, contact your council for advice.

If your relevant authority is the State Planning Commission, use these payment methods:


When lodging online, fees can be paid by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) as part of the application process.


Send cheques or money orders to:

Land Services Office
Attorney-General's Department
GPO Box 1815
Adelaide SA 5001


For payment of fees contact Planning Services on 1800 752 664.

In person

Land Services Group
Ground Floor, 101 Grenfell Street
Adelaide SA 5000


Surveyors and their agents can lodge land division applications through the EDALA lodgement register.

To pay online in EDALA:

  • lodgement fees use Lodgement Fee Payment.
  • open space contributions use Other Fee Payment.

Pay fees using EDALA