Mannum - Residential Marina

The proposal

The ‘Mannum Waters’ Residential Marina proposal was declared a Major Development in 2005 and was the subject of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process. The proposal was approved on 30 October 2008, with construction commencing in June 2010. Major earthworks, marina basin, boat ramp, constructed wetlands and initial stages of the residential land-division are now completed.

Download a summary of this development (PDF, 309 KB)

The proponent for the marina development, Tallwood Pty Ltd, now seeks to modify the layout plan and design of the site to incorporate a proposed holiday village and adventure water park.

The proponent has prepared an Amendment to the EIS in response to revised Guidelines. This document is now released for public consultation from 25 February until 26 March 2021. Following consultation and the submission of the proponent’s Response Document, an Amendment to the Assessment Report will be prepared for the Minister for Planning and Local Government for consideration and a decision on the proposal.

Assessment stages and documentation

Release of Amendment to the EIS for public comment25 February 2021Amendment to EIS (PDF, 11664 KB)

Public notice advertisement (PDF, 45 KB)

Release of guidelines for Amendment to EIS by State Planning Commission

5 March 2020

Guidelines for Amendment to the EIS (PDF, 997 KB)

Variation to the major development declaration

1 August 2019

See notice in Government Gazette dated 1 August 2019, page 2872

Variation decision

27 September 2018

See notice in Government Gazette dated 27 September 2018, page 3512

Governor's decision

30 October 2008

See notice in Government Gazette dated 30 October 2008, page 4948

Assessment report by Minister

August 2008

Assessment Report (PDF, 14102 KB)

Release of assessment document (EIS) by proponent for public comment

6 June 2007

Environmental Impact Statement (PDF, 12350 KB)

Declaration as major development

31 March 2005

See notice in Government Gazette dated 31 March 2005, page 719