Make an application fee payment within your application

During the assessment of a development application ‘assessment fees’ are generated and payment is required to progress the development application assessment. Notification of this fee payment is either by email or post, based on the communication method nominated during the submission of the development application.

Getting started

There are two methods for making a fee payment:

  1. Log in to your applications from the email notification; or
  2. Log in from the PlanSA portal home page.

Method 1: Login from the email notification

  1. Click on the Development Application link from within the email notification.
  2. Click on the login option: ‘I want to lodge, manage or track my application’, then proceed to step 3 and enter in your username and password.

Method 2: Login from the PlanSA portal home page

  1. Click on Login Options within the PlanSA site.
  2. Select the login option: ‘I want to lodge, manage or track my application’.
  3. Enter your username and password within the PlanSA login window and click LOG IN.
  4. Click on the application record with a ‘Payment Require’ status to view the action required within the Status Detail view.
  5. Click on Make Payment requiring your action.
  6. Click on the ‘Outstanding Fee Advice’ to be paid and then Pay Invoice to proceed.
  7. Click on Pay with credit card.
  8. Provide your credit card details and then NEXT  to confirm your payment.


Do not close the DAP Pay normal Fee Advice tab until the payment has been approved.

  1. Review the payment details and then PAY  to proceed with the payment.
  2. An ‘Approved’ Payment Result shows and then use Ctrl + P to Print the screen.
  3. Close the ‘DPTI Payment’ browser tab to show the Fee Advice Payment screen and then click DONE to complete the payment.

The Your Applications dashboard will display and on payment of the fee the application will move to the Under Assessment tab, allowing the assessing relevant authority to proceed with assessing the development application.