Kensington - Peregrine Mixed Use Development

The Peregrine Mixed Use Major Development, located at 270 The Parade Kensington, will serve as the national headquarters of the Peregrine Corporation.

The proposal will meet the company's growing demand for quality office space and improved work facilities and amenities.

The proposal

A proposal by proponent the Peregrine Corporation to establish a helicopter landing facility on the roof of the approved (but not yet constructed) headquarters building on the corner of The Parade and Kensington Road is currently being assessed under the Major Development provisions of the Development Act 1993.

A six week period of public consultation on the proposal started on 29 January 2020 and concluded on 13 March 2020, with two public information sessions held at the Norwood Concert Hall on 18 February 2020.

These sessions were moderated by an independent facilitator. Attending the sessions were Departmental officer’s, to answer further questions about the major development process and next steps, and the proponent (along with its consultants) to answer further questions about the proposal itself.

Read a summary of the issues raised during the information sessions (PDF, 420 KB).

Assessment stages and documentation

Stage Release Date ▼Documentation
Release of Response Document by the proponent to public and agency comments for Variation 21 February 2021Response Document (PDF, 6580 KB)

Release of submissions made by the public to PER for Variation 2

25 May 2020 and 2 June 2020

Public submissions - Part 1 (PDF, 30094 KB)

Public submissions - Part 2 (PDF, 34862 KB)

Public submissions - Part 3 (PDF, 9499 KB)

Government agency submissions (PDF, 98 KB)

Variation 2 - Release of PER by the Minister

29 February 2020

Public Notice Advertisement (PDF, 55 KB)

Public Environmental Report (PDF, 25508 KB)

Fact Sheet (PDF, 3140 KB)

Submission Proforma (PDF, 289 KB)

Variation 2 - Release of Guidelines (PER) by State Commission Assessment Panel

14 December 2018

Guidelines (PDF, 811 KB) dated 14 December 2018

Variation 2 - Declaration

19 September 2018

Government Gazette dated 27 September 2018, page 3511

Variation 1 - Governor's Decision

26 April 2018

Government Gazette dated 3 May 2018, page 1499

Governor's Decision

16 May 2017

Government Gazette dated 16 May 2017, page 1205

Assessment report by Minister

16 May 2017

Assessment Report (PDF, 1430 KB)

Release of Response Document

5 April 2017

Public Notice Advertisement (PDF, 80 KB)

Response Document (PDF, 26540 KB)

Release of submissions made by the public to Development Report

27 October 2016

Submissions made to Development Report (PDF, 6300 KB)

Release of assessment document by proponent for public comment

30 September 2016

Public Notice Advertisement (PDF, 63 KB)

Fact Sheet (PDF, 269 KB)

Development Report (PDF, 31625 KB)

Release of revised guidelines by the Development Assessment Commission with the level of assessment reconfirmed

26 September 2016

Guidelines (PDF, 792 KB) dated September 2016

Variation to the major development declaration

22 September 2016

Government Gazette dated 22 September 2016, page 3775

Release of guidelines by Development Assessment Commission with the level of assessment determined

10 February 2016

Guidelines (PDF, 960 KB) dated January 2016

Declaration as a major development

26 November 2015

Government Gazette dated 26 November 2015, page 5036