Port Spencer - Deep Water Port Facility

The proposal

The development proposal for a deep water port facility at ‘Sheep Hill’ (north-east of Tumby Bay) on the Eyre Peninsula, 70 kilometres north-east of Port Lincoln.

Download a summary of this development (PDF, 229 KB)

It comprises:

  • wharf/jetty structures and ship loading systems
  • storage buildings and facilities (for ore and grain)
  • road transport access corridor (along Swaffers Road).

The original proposal for an iron ore and grain export port by Centrex Metals, which was addressed in the Public Environmental Report (PER) released in 2012, was approved by the Governor on 20 December 2012. The proposal did not proceed to construction.

The proposed site was recently purchased by Peninsula Ports (a subsidiary of Free Eyre), which is seeking to vary the current development athorisation to enable the establishment of a grain export port.  An Amendment to the PER has been prepared by Peninsula Ports that addresses the potential impacts of a modified port design.

Assessment stages and documentation




Amendment to PER

16 January 2020

Volume 1 (PDF, 5877 KB)
Volume 2 - Review of PER (PDF, 4137 KB)
Volume 3 - Appendices to Review - Part 1 (PDF, 29630 KB)
Volume 3 - Appendices to Review - Part 2 (PDF, 22649 KB)
Volume 4 - Draft Contractor CEMPs (PDF, 17695 KB)
Volume 5 - Appendix C, D & E (PDF, 2303 KB)

Extension of Time

18 December 2014

Government Gazette dated 18 December 2014, page 6779

Governor's Decision

20 December 2012

Government Gazette dated 20 December 2012, page 5629

Assessment report by Minister

December 2012

Assessment Report (PDF, 2109 KB)

Release of assessment document by proponent for public comment

9 March 2012

Executive Summary (PDF, 743 KB)
Volume 1 - Public Environmental Report (PDF, 15569 KB)
Volume 2 - Appendix A-D (PDF, 828 KB)
Appendix A - Port Spencer Stage 01 (MP4, 18630 KB)
Appendix A - Port Spencer Stage 02 NO RAIL (MP4, 18681 KB)
Appendix B - Community Consultation Material (PDF, 3075 KB)
Appendix C - Air Quality Impact Assessment Report (PDF, 3443 KB)
Appendix D - Geo Invest and Soil Report (PDF, 8319 KB)
Volume 3 - Appendix E-H (PDF, 826 KB)
Appendix E - Enviro Site Assessment (PDF, 14812 KB)
Appendix F - Surface Water Report (PDF, 13970 KB)
Appendix G - Environmental Noise Assessment Report (PDF, 1101 KB)
Appendix H - Traffic Impact Assessment Report (PDF, 2131 KB)
Volume 4 - Appendix I-K (PDF, 826 KB)
Appendix J - Lipson Island Terrestrial and Marine Ecology Report (PDF, 3710 KB)
Appendix K - Port Spencer Marine Ecology Report (PDF, 7501 KB)
Volume 5 - Appendix L to O (PDF, 826 KB)
Appendix L - Sediment Transport Modelling Report (PDF, 1089 KB)
Appendix M - Cultural Heritage Report (PDF, 7490 KB)
Appendix N - Socio-Economic Baseline Report (PDF, 5996 KB)
Appendix O - Greenhouse Gas Calculations (PDF, 138 KB)

Release of guidelines by Development Assessment Commission with level of assessment determined

1 June 2011

Guidelines for the preparation of a public environmental report (PDF, 872 KB)

Declaration as major development

6 January 2011

Government Gazette dated 6 January 2011, page 2