Add a new contact to an application

During the assessment of the application, an additional contact may need to be added.

Locate the application contacts

  1. On logging in, the Assessment dashboard will display.
  2. Search for the development application using the ID number within the Assessment dashboard Search field.
  3. Remove the Assigned to me only checkbox to view all applications.


    For applicants following these instructions the Assigned to me only checkbox will not display within the Your Applications screen.

  4. Click on the ID of the application to view more details.


The contact details cannot be updated when the status of the development application is ‘Awaiting Payment’

Add an application contact

  1. The development application – summary screen will display. Scroll down until the applicant contacts are visible.
  2. Click on Add new application contact.
  3. The Edit Contact screen will show, complete the contact fields as outlined below.

    * Indicates a mandatory field.

    • Contact Type: select type: Applicant, Land Owner, Builder.
    • Contact: an Individual or Business or Crown Agency
    • Contact Name*: Title – First Name – Last Name
    • Crown Agency Name*: complete when ‘Crown Agency’ contact is selected.
    • Business Name*: complete when ‘Business’ contact is selected.
    • Licence Number: complete when ‘builder’ contact type is selected.
    • Post Address*
    • Preferred contact method: leave ‘email’ default or change to ‘post’.
    • Phone
    • Alternative phone
    • Email*
  4. Click on Save to keep the changes.

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