Glenelg - Integrated Hotel Development (Adelphi Tce)

The proposal

The proposal can be generally described as an integrated hotel development comprising a range of one and two bedroom hotel suites, as well as townhouses, apartments and penthouses to be available to the open market, together with a function centre, outdoor recreation deck, cafe and bar, and associated car parking and infrastructure.

Download a summary of this development (PDF, 130 KB)

For the purposes of the declaration, the proposal includes:

  • the construction of a building within the site for one or more of the following purposes:
    • residential accommodation
    • tourist accommodation
    • retail premises
    • commercial premises
    • function centre
  • the demolition of any existing buildings within the site
  • the undertaking of works for the purposes of, or otherwise related to roads, stormwater and effluent treatment in connection with the development whether undertaken within the site or on other adjacent land
  • a change in the use of land associated with any development listed above
  • the division of an allotment associated with any development listed above
  • any related or ancillary development associated with development listed above.

Assessment stages and documentation

Variation (extension of time) 22 December 2020 Government Gazette dated 7 January 2021

Variation (extension of time)

30 June 2019

Government Gazette dated 4 July 2019

Variation (extension of time)

7 June 2018

Government Gazette dated 21 June 2018

Governor's decision

23 June 2016

Government Gazette dated 23 June 2016

Assessment Report by Minister

June 2016

Assessment Report (PDF, 1155 KB)

Release of Response to Development Report Submissions

February 2016

Response to Development Report submissions (PDF, 520 KB)

Release of submissions made by public to Development Report

October 2015

Submissions to Development Report (PDF, 12477 KB)

Release of Development Report document by proponent for public comment

7 October 2015

Development Report - Part 1  (PDF, 21448 KB)

Development Report - Part 2 (PDF, 33125 KB)

Development Report - Fact Sheet   (PDF, 181 KB)

Public Notice advertisement (PDF, 59 KB)

Release of guidelines by Development Assessment Commission with level of assessment determined

5 August 2015

Guidelines (PDF, 214 KB) dated July 2015

Public Notice advertisement (PDF, 71 KB)

Declaration as major development

7 May 2015

Government Gazette dated 7 May 2015