Nora Creina - Golf Course and Tourism Resort

The proposal

The proposal is for the development of an international standard, links style golf course and mixed tourism resort near Nora Creina (approximately 15 kilometres south of Robe) in the South East region, by South East Abalone Pty Ltd.

Download a summary of this development (PDF, 336 KB)

The proposal comprises:

  • 36 hole international standard golf course (links style), comprising a 'Red Course' (Stage 1) and a 'Blue Course' (Stage 2), and associated practice range and greens.
  • Golf course maintenance facility.
  • Clubhouse, including bar, lounge, pro shop and associated parking.
  • Tourist accommodation complex, including restaurant and retail facilities. The accommodation is anticipated to comprise four-star hotel-style accommodation (two storey), with 20 rooms provided initially. A limited number of exclusive, high-end tourist accommodation opportunities would also be provided within the site.
  • Abalone farm, including caretaker's residence.
  • Boutique Wagyu beef farm and boutique vineyard.
  • Recreational facilities, such as nature trails and for recreational fishing and diving.
  • Infrastructure, including an access road, wastewater treatment plant, water supply (including storage dams) and three-phase power supply.
  • Stormwater and sewage infrastructure for the capture, treatment, storage and re‐use of recycled water throughout the development (where possible).

Authorisation dates

Construction to commence (no later) - 12 September 2021

Completion of works (no later) - 12 September 2024

Assessment stages and documentation

Amended decision - development authorisation 12 September 2019 Government Gazette dated 12 September 2022

Governor's decision

28 November 2017

Government Gazette dated 28 November 2017

Assessment report by Minister

28 November 2017

Assessment Report (PDF, 2909 KB)

Release of the Nora Creina Response Document by the proponent

11 October 2017

Response Document (PDF, 20687 KB)

Release of the Public Environmental Report (PER) for the Nora Creina Golf Course and Tourism Resort by the proponents Justin Scanlon and Damian Scanlon for public and agency comments

27 January 2016

Fact Sheet (PDF, 317 KB)

Nora Creina PER Public Notice (PDF, 99 KB)

Nora Creina Public Environmental Report (PER) (PDF, 5157 KB)

PER Appendices A to K (PDF, 18995 KB)

PER Appendices L to O (PDF, 17303 KB)

PER Appendices P to R (PDF, 10742 KB)

Release of guidelines by Development Assessment Commission with level of assessment determined

24 November 2014

Guidelines for the preparation of a Public Environmental Report (PDF, 468 KB)

Declaration as major development

4 March 2014

Government Gazette dated 4 March 2014