Invoice additional fees during assessment

During the assessment of the development application additional fees may need to be invoiced, for example when an additional external referral is required, then the referral fee must be invoiced to the ‘primary contact’ for the development application for payment.

Before you begin

The applicable Consent Development Application screen is showing.

  1. Click on the Fees tab.
  2. Click on Determine Additional Fees action.
  3. Click on the ‘fee type’ required, e.g. public notification or sign on land.


    The Referral Body fee option is only visible when an additional external referral has been added within the Referrals tab.

  4. Click on Submit to generate the ‘fee advice’ and communications to the applicant.

    Tip to refresh changed information

    Click on the F5 key or within the browser tab.

  5. Expand the Assessment Fee Advice at ‘Awaiting Payment’ to show the fee advice details.
  6. Click on the ‘fee advice’ Invoice Download to download the fee advice (as required).
  7. Click on the Fee Advice download located at the footer of the page to show on screen and print (as required)

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