Reset the assessment clock on receiving an application variation

A relevant authority may permit an applicant to vary an application at any time before the application is decided. The date of receipt of the varied application then becomes the new date of receipt of the application for the purposes of decision time limits.

If the variations are not substantial then time limits will continue to run from the original verification date/payment of fees.

Regulation 35(2) provides that if the variations are not substantial then the time limits are not reset. The date of receipt of the varied application becomes the new date for decision time limits where the variations are substantial.

  1. Login (if not already) and locate the development application within the Assessment dashboard and the Assessment in progress tab. 

    Alternatively, using the details provide by the applicant, e.g. application ID or the location address perform a Search and then remove the Assigned to me only to show the application.

  1. Click on the application (not the ID) to show more details.
  2. Click on the consent applicable, e.g. planning consent.
  1. Click on Related Actions to show
  2. Click on Reset assessment time-frame as per Reg 35.1 action.
  1. Provide the reason for resetting the assessment clock within the Reset assessment clock | Application screen.
  1. Click on Submit to complete the action. 

    The Consent for Development Application screen shows and manually refresh Q the screen to show the Start Assessment action.

  2. Click on Start Assessment to re-commence the consent assessment.