Kangaroo Island - Plantation Timber Port

The proposal

The proposal can be generally described as a multi-user deepwater port facility at Smith Bay on Kangaroo Island.

For the purposes of the declaration, the proposal includes the following:

  • the construction, works and activities associated with the operation of a multi-user deepwater port facility, storage facilities and associated infrastructure
  • land and water over land uses such as a wharf, causeway, link span bridge, tug mooring facilities, berthing pocket and approaches
  • ship loading systems
  • stockpiles and storage facilities
  • materials handling systems
  • buildings/facilities
  • road transport access.

Assessment stages and documentation


Revocation of declaration

23 September 2021

Government Gazette dated 23 September 2021

Minister's decision

12 August 2021

Government Gazette dated 12 August 2021

Release of the Assessment Report

9 August 2021

Assessment Report (PDF, 7801 KB)

Release of the Response Document to the Second Addendum

9 August 2021

Response Document to the Second Amendment (PDF, 327 KB)

Release of Second Addendum to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) 14 January 2021 Second Addendum to the EIS (PDF, 27838 KB)

Release of Response Document by the proponent to public and agency comments on the EIS and Addendum

25 June 2020

Response Document (PDF, 15061 KB)

Response Document - Addendum  (PDF, 235 KB)

Release of submissions on the Addendum made by public and agency

December 2019

Public submissions (PDF, 22920 KB)

State & Commonwealth Government comments (PDF, 365 KB)

Release of addendum to EIS for public consultation

7 November 2019

Addendum to the draft EIS (PDF, 16604 KB)

Public notice (PDF, 78 KB) - November 2019

Release of submissions made by public and agency

July 2019

Release of assessment document by proponent for public comment

28 March 2019

Release of guidelines by Development Assessment Commission with level of assessment determined

6 July 2017

Guidelines document (PDF, 908 KB)

Updated Guidelines (PDF, 574 KB) were issued on 24 October 2019

Declaration as major development

16 February 2017

Government Gazette dated 23 February 2017

Variation to declaration in Government Gazette dated 3 October 2019